What kinds of health insurance policies are available for individuals?

There are a variety of policies offered by insurance companies for individuals to buy for themselves or their family. They include: major medical, hospital and surgery, HMO, accident only, short-term and long-term. Others such as vision and dental can be useful if your current employer does not provide coverage.

Hospital and Surgery Policy: This type of policy provides coverage for a hospital room and surgical services. Other costs such as laboratory tests and X-rays are typically covered as well.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs): You may have a limited selection of participating doctors under this type of plan, along with coverage by specialists upon referral. Services like doctor visits, surgery, hospitalization and reduced-rate prescription medicine is typically provided.

Short-term Insurance Coverage: Usually covers major medical expenses but coverage lasts only for a specified length of time. Typically purchased to cover the time when you’re between jobs.

Accident Only: Provides insurance coverage for visits to your doctor, surgery and hospitalization resulting from an accident. No coverage is provided for disease or illness. This type of policy is usually chosen because of its low cost.

Home Health Care: This type of insurance provides care to allow you to remain in your home while receiving services ranging from help around the house to full time nursing services.

Long-term Care: – Provides individuals with a range of services including meal delivery, assistance with household chores, and stays in long-term residential care facilities.

Dental: Provides insurance coverage for costs associated with dentists and orthodontists.

Vision: Provides insurance coverage for vision related problems such as eye exams and eyeglasses.

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