How Can I Lower the Cost of My Insurance Plan?

It stands to reason that he healthier you are, the lower your health insurance costs will be. Keeping yourself in good physical shape and within normal weight ranges for your height can save you money on a health insurance policy.

If your waistline measurement is bigger than your hip size, you are often considered an increased risk for heart disease and other medical problems. Reducing your weight and waistline will typically reduce your healthcare costs.

Along with staying healthy, changing the amount of your “deductible” will affect the premium more than anything else. If you have additional options as part of your plan you might consider dropping them to lower monthly costs, and when you need those services, simply paying for them out of pocket. A good example of this type of added option is vision or dental insurance.

Switching a low-deductible PPO to a high-deductible PPO with a health savings account can greatly affect your out of pocket expenses.

Maximum limits on the insurance policy can also affect the premium price. Some policies have maximum limits for each claim and maximum limits a policy will pay over a person’s lifetime. The higher the limits, the higher the premium.

If your company offers health insurance of any kind it’s often a good idea to buy into their plan. If you require additional coverage you can simply buy it in addition to your company provided policy.

Comparing quotes and plans from multiple health insurance providers will allow you to see what policy will work best for your situation. Your decision about which type of policy to buy will probably come down to a compromise, considering your total costs for the policy, the services provided, and your ability to pay any out of pocket expenses.

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